We are one of the manufacturer, wholesaler & exporter of various products from Kathmandu Nepal. We manufacture & export many types of products like  Garments, Handicrafts, Bags / Backpack,  Dog Chew made up of Yak / Cow Hard Cheese, Himalayan Black and Pink Rock Salt, Herbs from Nepal, Black Large Nepal Cardamom , Nepalese Musical Instruments, Metal Crafts, Buddha and Hindu God Statues, Wooden Crafts, Hand Knitted Woolen Items, Hand Crochet Natural wild Hemp hats and other items, Rudraksha Mala , Spiritual items, Cordyceps Sinesis / Yarsagumba and many more.

Garments :  We are the manufacturer of all kinds of garment items some of our products are Jackets, Hippie jackets with patch work and hand embroidery with many details,  Down garments and jackets, T-shirts printed and patch work in hippie and Boho style , Ladies Tops with various designs, Dresses, Shirts, Polo's, Jumpers, Skirt, Miniskirt, Tunic, Pants, Trousers,  Coat, Long Coat and Jackets . We can also work according to the costumer's design or pattern. We mostly use fabrics like Nepali Cotton Shyama, BTC, Polyester Fleece, Cotton Fleece, Taffeta of various composition Silk, Hemp, Polyester Woolen, Georgette, Corduroy and Printed Corduroy and many more. Being a fair trade manufacturer we pay 30 % extra to our staff then our other competitors pay to their employees. We train our artisans and tailors our-self until they are fully trained and experienced. Most of our artisans are women who were first trained in our factory and now they are able to work on any graphic scale in any designs and picture patterns. 

Bags and Backpack :  Hippie sling Boho sling Bags and Back Pack with various designs like peace sign, hand embroidery, stone wash, Om embroidery, block print, patch work , razor cut, coconut button, spiritual art work and hand needle work embroidery. Bags for various purpose like trekking bags, school bags, Laptop bags, Tiffin box cover bags and other customized bags according to the client's requirement.

Handicrafts :  We export various kinds of handicrafts like hemp wall hanging, wooden handicrafts, Hand made beaded bracelets and many more.

Dog Chew made up of Yak/Cow  Hard Cheese :  We are the exporter of Dog chew made up of Yak / Cow Cheese. Its 100 % natural treat and toy for dogs. Recently these chews are being the hot cake product  and is in huge demand worldwide because of its made up of Yak / Cow milk hard cheese only and it doesn't contains any preservatives and chemicals , its odor free and has long life around 3+ years . 

Himalayan Black and Pink Rock Salt :  Himalayan Black and Pink Rock salt with high sulphur and super food for vegan diet, and can be used for many other purposes like herbal medicine, flavoring agent and so on. 

Herbs :  Various types of herbs from Nepal.

Black Large Cardamom : High quality Himalayan black large Cardamom .   

Nepalese Traditional Musical Instruments :  Madal, Dhah, Dhimey, Damphu, Flute and many more.

Metal Crafts , sculptures and Statues :  Hand bitten singing bowl of various sizes and category made up of bronze, copper decorated with gold plated & silver plated. Copper , Bronze statues of Lord Buddha Statues, Hindu gods and Goddess with gold plated and silver plated.

Wooden Crafts :  Hand carved Nepalese wooden doors & windows, wooden sculpture, wooden statues and others.

Hand Knitted Woolen Products : We are the manufacturer of Hand knitted woolen products like hats, caps, mufflers, mittens, gloves, hand warmers, leg warmers, neck warmers, waist warmers, jackets with fleece lining, sweaters, woolen trousers,  handbags, fashion accessories and many more . We also offer custom design according to the buyer's requirement. We mostly use pure sheep wool imported from New Zealand 

Hand crochet natural wild Hemp / Nettle hats & accessories: Hand crochet wild hemp hats, Neck Warmers, belts, headband, handbags & fashion accessories, These items are made up of wild hemp collected & processed by hand without the use of modern machines. from the remote Himalayas by the villagers, which also helps to increase their living standards and maintain their family needs. The process of turning of plant to the hemp yarn are all done by hand. These yarns are also converted to the hemp fabrics which we use to make different items like bags, jackets and other items. When the yarns are ready the villagers sell the ready yarns to us.

Pashmina / Cashmere products : Pashmina shawls, scarves,  mufflers, baby blankets,  blankets, Cashmere sweaters, Ponchos, Cardigans, fashion accessories and any more.

Rudraksha Mala:  Hindu's and Buddhist Spiritual Rudraksha mala with different faces and sizes from Nepal.

Spiritual items : Buddhist Flags and other products.  

Cordyceps Sinesis / Yarsagumba : Its half caterpillar and half plant rarely found in the remote himalayas of Nepal. It has lots of benefits according to  the traditional Chinese medicines to cure various health related problems like to increase sex power also called as natural Viagra without side effects, to maintain DNA and RBC, WBC and many other health related benefits.

We'd love to hear from you please mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions or business plans. This website will also be available for the wholesale web store in the near future.

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